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Magnesium Oil - Sports Strength

MaXXimum Magnesium

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Magnesium Oil - Sports Strength
Magnesium Oil - Sports Strength

MaXXimum Magnesium Oil                    - Sports Strength 

A combination of the highest concentration of Magnesium Oil and MSM  (Methylsulfonylmethane) an organic sulphur, which is shown to be useful for inflammation and pain relief as well as enhancing cell membrane permeability and may facilitate more efficient uptake of magnesium ions.

Massage into the body daily. With regular use, magnesium oil may help with:
  • improved sleep
  • enhanced recovery
  • magnesium deficiency
  • muscle cramping and fatigue
  • improved cognitive function
  • fibromyalgia
A temporary tingling  sensation can be normal, often indicating a high deficiency level, a natural detox reaction or a result of increased blood flow in your capillaries. Apply after a shower while the skin is still wet to reduce the tingling sensation. Can also be diluted with pure water just before application.
MaXXimum Magnesium Oil boasts an 83.5% w/v concentration compared to others on the market.

It has been designed for athletes, sports professionals and anyone who takes their fitness training and sport seriously.

A small amount packs a big punch !

Magnesium oil helps with muscular/tendon aches and pains and assists in shortening recovery times after hard training sessions. 

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is a more effective way of regularly increasing magnesium levels compared to oral magnesium supplements.


Our Magnesium Oil conveniently comes in a 100ml bottle so that you can take it on the plane with you.

Massaging it into your calves, feet and lower back  may assist with the muscle aches and pains that can be associated with long flights







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